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I help to organise the school formal each year as a year 10 coordinator, so I know how much difference a great DJ can make to getting everyone dancing and to make the party really pump. I'm a funky kind of teacher, but I can't really keep up with the latest music, so I need to head online to make sure I choose a great DJ who has recent reviews from cool cats and funky kittens. This site has some of my research on choosing fun and professional DJs for school formals, so that other formal coordinators can have an easier time of it!

Pumping music DJs

Important Tips For Buying A Home Piano

by Milan Gaillard

Before you invest in a piano for your home, you need to ensure you have the room for it and that you buy one that is in good condition. Even a new piano can get out of tune if it's not properly maintained while in the shop, and many first-time piano buyers don't understand what's needed to keep the piano sounding its best once it arrives in their home. Consider the following tips.

1. Understand the size

Most homeowners opt for an upright piano, which is a square box that can sit up against a wall. An upright piano takes up the least amount of floor space and can be put out of the way of foot traffic.

A baby grand piano will be larger and take up quite a bit of floor space, and because it's rounded on one end, it cannot simply be put up against a wall. Typically a baby grand will have better sound because of its size and acoustics, but unless you have a very large den or separate room where you will keep your piano, be cautious about this investment.

2. Test out all the keys

Before buying, don't be embarrassed by testing out every single key, and use a tuning fork if necessary. This will tell you that the piano is in tune and in good condition. Hitting every key is like taking a car for a test drive, so take your time to test a piano thoroughly before you buy.

3. Hire a specialist to move the piano

If you're responsible for getting the piano to your home, hire a specialist to move it for you. Not all movers will even touch pianos because of how delicate they are and because of how cumbersome they are, so shop around for movers that have experience in wrapping pianos and moving them. During transit, the strings can easily be broken, and this in turn can ruin the piano completely. Never rely on just any mover. Choose one that has experience moving pianos to ensure the safety of your new purchase.

4. Be sure you have it tuned once it arrives, and tune regularly thereafter

First-time piano buyers often don't realize that they should have a piano tuned once it arrives at their home, even if it's new. This is because the strings can get out of alignment during a move, and a tuner is needed to make adjustments. A new piano store might include an initial tuning as part of the sale, but otherwise be prepared to have your piano tuned once it's in your home.

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