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I help to organise the school formal each year as a year 10 coordinator, so I know how much difference a great DJ can make to getting everyone dancing and to make the party really pump. I'm a funky kind of teacher, but I can't really keep up with the latest music, so I need to head online to make sure I choose a great DJ who has recent reviews from cool cats and funky kittens. This site has some of my research on choosing fun and professional DJs for school formals, so that other formal coordinators can have an easier time of it!

Pumping music DJs

Why Quarantine Is The Perfect Time To Pick Up An Instrument

by Milan Gaillard

For most people, music is an integral part of their lives, from when they are born all the way up to old age. Music can is there in many of our most happy memories, and music can also help comfort you when you are feeling your absolute lowest. With all that in mind, it is a shame that so many people don't ever try and see if they can learn an instrument. There is always some reason why you can't learn: work, social life, kids, etc. But now, with more time at home than ever, a few music lessons could be just the trick to get you learning your favourite instrument. 

Online Lessons

Music lessons are the best way to pick up an instrument fast. Just a few music lessons can be enough to make you skip all the pitfalls that make most mature musicians stop. However, during quarantine, face-to-face music lessons were impacted, and this business had to adapt. The result? Online music lessons. Now, taking lessons is even easier than ever — all you need is a dusty guitar out of your attic or to rent an instrument. This also makes it much easier for you to continue learning once the lesson is done, and this can help keep the techniques you learnt for much longer than you otherwise would have.

Return To Normal

As quarantine eases and businesses start returning to more normal practices, music teachers will resume face-to-face lessons, and it may be advisable to seek in-person assistance for some of the trickier fundamentals. While this may seem like the end of your chance to learn an instrument, this couldn't be further from the truth. Eased restrictions still make most normal outings and distractions impossible. It's likely that no cinemas, live sports, live music, bars or clubs will be allowed to return to normal for many months. If anything, it should only strengthen your resolve as more time passes. 

Transferrable Skills

Music is one of the ultimate creative outlets you can partake in, and many people who learn an instrument gain much more than just a single skill. Rhythm, fine motor control, out-of-the-box thinking, determination and problem-solving are all just part of what it takes to learn an instrument. There is no more rewarding feeling than knowing you mastered a task you never thought you could. For many people, that step is learning an instrument. Take advantage of this situation and better yourself musically and creatively going forward. 

To learn more, contact a resource that offers music lessons.