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Pumping music DJs

I help to organise the school formal each year as a year 10 coordinator, so I know how much difference a great DJ can make to getting everyone dancing and to make the party really pump. I'm a funky kind of teacher, but I can't really keep up with the latest music, so I need to head online to make sure I choose a great DJ who has recent reviews from cool cats and funky kittens. This site has some of my research on choosing fun and professional DJs for school formals, so that other formal coordinators can have an easier time of it!

Pumping music DJs


Important Tips For Buying A Home Piano

Before you invest in a piano for your home, you need to ensure you have the room for it and that you buy one that is in good condition. Even a new piano can get out of tune if it's not properly maintained while in the shop, and many first-time piano buyers don't understand what's needed to keep the piano sounding its best once it arrives in their home. Consider the following tips.